Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Take me to your leader...Javabot

This past week a co-worker and I visited The Roasting Plant, a new coffee establishment in the Campus Martius area in Downtown Detroit. It is truly unlike any other coffee establishment I have been to.

First let me say, that we got a great parking spot right outside, which I am sure added to our experience. Upon getting out of the car we were smacked in the face with the smell of roasting coffee. And, it smelled goooood. I really could have gotten back in the car right then, as I was pretty satisfied with the smell alone, but that wouldn't keep me awake in the afternoon. So we went in.

The glass tubes from the Javabot line the ceiling and drop into the middle of the shop. The Javabot as described on The Roasting Plant's website is, "A patented Roasting Plant invention, Javabot first holds 'green' beans in a series of clear storage columns. When it’s time for roasting, the beans are automatically measured out by weight and then “whooshed” into the roaster via bursts of air through clear pneumatic tubes." And then..."Once roasted, the beans are blown back into the columns where they rest for no longer than 48 hours, allowing their flavors to mature without decaying. Then they’re dispensed in first-in-first-out order into our brewer or retail bags at the peak of their freshness." Wow.

There are only two other Javabots in the country located at The Roasting Plant's two other locations, both in New York. New York and Detroit. Nice.

So, you walk up, you order your size or speciality drink, you specify to bean and if you want it supercharged (more beans used to make it stronger). I had a medium supercharge Ethiopian Harrar. Intense and smoky. I drink it black, it was good.

I really want to go back. Not only for the Javabot, which is quite fun to watch, and the whooshing beans that fly across the ceiling, but the great cup of coffee that was delivered to me all hot and yummy.

A friend of mine has been there everyday this week and I have a feeling he will be back there tomorrow...maybe the Javabot does more than make a good cup of coffee to get you coming back....

The Roasting Plant is located at:
Woodward Avenue
660 Woodward Avenue
Detroit, MI 48226
(313) 782- 4291

Photo Credit--Julie Phenis, Co-Creator, HeyGirlDetroit

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